The Chairman and Founder Mr. P. Jeyakumar is a post graduate in social work and a graduate in Law. Since his college days, he has been involving himself in rendering social service. He has to his credit 25 years of experience in active social work, especially among the rural poor. He is also deeply involved himself in the evangelical work. From 1991 to 1994 he was the Lay-Secretary of Madurai-Ramanathapuram Diocese, Church of South India, and during 1994-1996 he served as one of the members of Executive Committee of the SYNOD, Church of South India.

He was the youngest Lay- Secretary in the annals of Church of South India and the first person holding the Church administrative responsibility in the field of social service and rendered laudable service to the poor and the needy, through various organizations in the capacity of President , Board Member,the Member of the Executive Committee etc., including the following.

The Conflict Development and Peace Network (CODEP) London selected Mr. P.Jeyakumar as its board member in 2001

"The Co-operative college " Manchester in England its Board member in 2001.

In addition to above he got the following awards

The American Biography Institute, California honoured him with the award of " Man of the Year 2002 "

The American Biographical Institute, California gave him the award of " Research Board of Advisor " in 2002.

The TamilNadu Cultural Academy, Madurai gave " Best Educational Service Award " in 2003.

American Biographical Institute, California honoured him with " Great Minds of the 21st Century" award.