Science Laboratory

Matha college of teacher education has a well equipped Science Laboratory with all the required apparatus and Chemicals to conduct both the demonstration and Practical at school level syllabus

Psychology Laboratory

The College has a good Psychology Laboratory equipped with all the psychology equipments and test materials prescribed by NCTE and TNTEU to conduct all the Psychology Test given in the syllabus.

Educational technology Laboratory

The College has a separate Educational Technology Laboratory with all the equipments as per the norms of NCTE and TNTEU. The students will be trained in all the technological aspects.

Computer Laboratory

The College has a laboratory for conducting Computer Training for BEd Students. The students were also trained in computer skills such as Office automation, Power point presentation, and CAI package development

Language Laboratory

The college has adequate Audio & Video cassettes, T.V. and VCD/DVD players, Tape Recorder and chordless mike and headphones for conducting language learning.

Work Experience Laboratory

The College has tools and equipments to learn and train wood works, tailoring, gardening, typewriting and also simple experiments in electronics and motor mechanism